Monday, January 27, 2014

Reviewing the Tribute Videos

Big Ticket and The Truth gaze at the JumboTron

Everyone in America has seen the videos, or at least some of them, but not everyone knows how a die-hard Celtics fan feels about them. My favorite basketball player of all time, Paul Pierce, returned to the Garden last night (My second favorite player is Garnett). I'm not going to lie, I almost cried during the KG video and I actually cried during the Pierce. I wasn't bawling or anything, but there was a tear or two running down my cheek. I wasn't the only one; former Celtic Kendrick Perkins shared some feelings with me.

Let's start with the reviews, shall we?


This video wasn't as sad as Pierce's, for KG played for just 6 seasons and didn't quite resonate as much on a personal level with all the fans. Everyone loved him, but they weren't as attached to him as The Truth. With that said, I thought this video was done beautifully. It captured KG's intense nature and his role in the 2008 Championship. The music wasn't great, but it was still a wonderful tribute that definitely did its job.

Paul Pierce Tribute Video:

Like I mentioned earlier, Paul Pierce is my favorite basketball player ever, with KG a step behind him. I was so sad to see him go to Brooklyn, and I was so sad to see him play against Boston last night. But when this video played again, I fell in love all over again with him. This man was stabbed in a club 11 times and didn't miss a game!!! He plays with so much heart and passion and he gave the city of Boston its only NBA championship in the 21st century. The video was excellent and the reaction from Pierce and the crowd was even better. He did a little bow just like the one after he hit the buzzer beater over Al Harrington after yelling at him for 15 seconds.  This was amazing and it make me think about if it's possible for The Truth to come back, which I will probably write about this Friday, so remember to check it out! I know how hard the video guys for the Celtics worked on these two videos from reading various stories on them, so I would like to personally say thank you to everyone behind the scenes who put together the montages. Anyways, the video was perfect,

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This is the post game press conference for Paul and Kevin....