Sunday, December 29, 2013

Potential Celtics Trades (December, 2013)

With the February 20th trade deadline looming over the heads of many GM’s of teams on the fringes of a playoff berth, who would have thought that the Celtics would be in that discussion? Certainly not many analysts thought that the Celtics would be in the position that they are as of right now, but whether it be for the better or worse we will find out, but as it stands right now the Celtics want to continue a playoff tradition and for that to happen trades will need to be made…

Trade 1:

Dion Waiters is unhappy in Cleveland, the Boston Celtics need an energizer off of the bench, and Jordan Crawford may leave this offseason. I say strike while the iron is hot and look to Cleveland to get the energizer they lack. Dion Waiters can be an elite pure scorer if he becomes consistent, and while he’s flashed signs becoming consistent, his motivation problems remain a major talking point and and it could be that a change in scenery is exactly what he needs and Boston could provide just that. This trade could take Boston from being basement dwellers in the Eastern Conference and potentially turn them into a fifth or sixth seed.

Trade 2:

Brandon Bass has been up and down for the Celtics this season, but is still a solid contributor to the cause as he has averaged 11.2 ppg, 6.4 rpg, and 1.2 bpg over the course of this season while Young has been more of a factor on offense rather than defense as his 0.5 bpg shows and his 17.3 ppg shows. This would help either side as it would mean that the Sixers defense in the post could see significant improvement, while the Celtics could get a proven scorer to go in the front court alongside Jeff Green.

Trade 3:

Jordan Crawford has done a great job of running the point in the absence of superstar, Rajon Rondo, but once Rondo returns Crawford will likely see a smaller role and also more time at the two as a starter which means there needs to be someone backing up Rondo. That person is J.J. Barea. With Crawford manning the two, one shooting guard is going to have a minor role and that player that could be made expendable is Courtney Lee. Keith Bogans has a no trade clause (why, I don't know…), and he can light it up from behind the arc; something the Timberwolves lack. This will benefit both sides and it seems to be the most realistic deal of the three.

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