Monday, January 27, 2014

#GoodinGreen: Part 2

In Part One of the #GoodinGreen series, I gave a scouting report on future lottery pick, Dante Exum, the combo guard from Australia. In this post, I will breakdown Jabari Parker, the highly touted swingman from Duke.

Parker, who grew up in Chicago, was named the "Best high school basketball player since Lebron James" in a 2012 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. But the title was stripped of his name like a WWE belt because Parker sat out his last season in high school due to injury. Andrew Wiggins, another coveted young star, overtook the #1 high school recruit.

Right now it's clear that Parker is a better player than Wiggins, for he's more developed offensively and physically. Parker is a natural small forward with outstanding athleticism and his post game is very impressive, so he can play small ball four in the NBA. Parker is the most NBA-ready prospect in the NCAA, but he probably doesn't have as much "upside" potential as Wiggins or Joel Embiid.

Any NBA team would be ecstatic to have Jabari Parker on their roster, but only one team can draft him. And that team might be the Celtics.

If the Celtics have a pick and Parker is still on the board, Danny Ainge would be quick to pull the trigger on the Duke star.

Jabari Parker and the Boston Celtics would go together like salt and pepper; their offense would thrive, Parker's game would further develop under great coaching, and Boston would return as playoff contenders if they make a free agent signing.

With Jeff Green being extremely inconsistent offensively and the current center situation being a mess, Parker could either play over Green or with him at the four position.

If the Celtics are fortunate enough to get the second or third pick and Parker is still available, the Celtics' rebuilding process would immediately be over. He has enough raw talent and athleticism to singlehandedly return success to TitleTown. 

Jabari Parker would definitely look #GoodinGreen.