Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Amazing Happens

This new NBA commercial promoting "Big" and "Where Amazing Happens" predicts the future. The ad is truly amazing. Phil Jackson to the Knicks???? Derrick Rose scoring 70???? Kobe Bryant retiring??? It's so sick.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome Back NBA

Finally the NBA is back! The 2013-2014 season tips off tonight at 7:00 with the Magic and the Pacers. Then at 8:00, the defending champions Heat will take on the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose back and better than ever. The epic "Bill and Jalen NBA Preview" series ended today with Bill's number one team as the Bulls. He picked them to win the title and overthrow King James' throne. Along with the over-looming Miami three-peat led by the King and a possible 5th MVP award in 6 years for Lebron, I'm looking forward to many other things in the season....

Zach Lowe's Columns

In my opinion, Zach Lowe is the basketball writing guru. He writes articles on Bill Simmons' blog and has appeared on many "B.S Reports". His writing is awesome and he has unbelievable basketball knowledge. Read his stuff at

The Returns

Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, and Rajon Rondo are coming off of devastating injuries from last year.

The T-Wolves

Rubio and Love. Awesome.

New Faces in New Places

Most notably Dwight Howard going from the Lakers to the Rockets to join Jeremy Lin and James Harden. Also, Josh Smith going to Detroit to complete the most menacing front court in the NBA of Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, and Smith. How will they mesh? Also, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans joining Eric Gordon on the NEW ORLEANS PELICANS!!!!!! How will they mesh? Also, the scary Brooklyn Nets with my boys Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They're all of the sudden potential contenders in the East.

The 2013 Rookie Class

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cabrera to Accept Hank Aaron Award

Every year, every team in the MLB nominates one player from their team to be a nominee for the prestigious Hank Aaron Award. The Hank Aaron Award is given out to the 2 most outstanding offensive performers in baseball; one in the American League and one in the National League. Miguel Cabrera will be the AL recipient of the award and accept it during game 4 of the World Series according to a trustworthy source. The other winner is Paul Goldschmidt

Cabrera, who plays for the Detroit Tigers, has won the award one time before, in 2012. The recent winners of the prestigious trophy are in the picture below. ( So congratulations Goldy and congratulations Mr. Cabrera, I'm sure you two are  very proud of this achievement but you wish you weren't playing golf in October.

Hank Aaron Award Winners

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just How Clutch is Big Papi? - A Response to Albert Chen

In the eighth inning of game 2 of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers, the Red Sox were trailing DET by 5 runs. Max Scherzer was nearly perfect after the Tigers' Anibal Sanchez was almost perfect in game 1. Sanchez had a no-hitter through the ninth and Scherzer threw 7 innings and let up 2 hits and 1 earned run. But when the Tigers' bullpen relieved the ace in game 2, all hell broke loose for Detroit. With a comfortable 5-1 lead, Jose Veras began pitching for Detroit in relief. I think we all know what happened from here. David Ortiz guessed on the first pitch he saw and sent right fielder Torii Hunter over the wall for the potential series-swinging grand slam to tie the game. Needless to say, I was screaming in joy and disbelief as this was happening. So just how clutch is Big Papi?

With the hit, Ortiz created yet another signature Boston Sports moment including a Boston Police Officer in the bullpen.[/caption]

With the grand slam in the eight, Big Papi climbed to second place on an exclusive list of players including Bernie Williams and Pete Rose with the most game-tying or go-ahead hits in the 8th inning or later in playoff history. Williams and Rose are tied for first with 6 hits with J.D Drew and David Ortiz tied for second with 5 apiece.

Prior to Ortiz' late-game heroics, Sports Illustrated's Albert Chen wrote a story in the weekly magazine titled, Clutch Much, with the Red Sox' David Ortiz as the background. The thesis of the article was about the "Clutch Gene" and if it exists or not. In the article, Chen writes from the analytical perspective, in which there is no such thing as being clutch. In his article, Chen says, "There's no denying that clutch hits exist -- but is there such a thing as a  clutch hitter? I believe there is, and in the sport of baseball, there's no hitter more clutch right now than David Ortiz.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Parquet Post 10-15-13

As the Red Sox battle the Tigers in Detroit in game 3 of the 2013 ALCS, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are preparing to face their former teammates when they battle in the Barclays Center.  Granted it's the preseason, but the crowd is still going to be into this one. The most interesting part of this game will probably be pre-game when Garnett and Pierce shake hands with Bradley, Jeff Green, and Brandon Bass.

Although Kevin Garnett is not playing, the Nets will still probably run away with this one. Brooklyn has so much offensive firepower this year and I think they will be a real force in the East, but I doubt they stand a chance against Miami. It doesn't matter who wins this game tonight, it's the preseason. But, the reaction of the building is important because Paul Pierce and KG deserve some respect even though they left.


BKN: 103

BOS: 94


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rondo WILL Be Traded this Year

On their NBA preview series in which they rank every team in the NBA, Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose ranked the Boston Celtics #24 in the league. The video is very interesting and entertaining, with cool graphics and mini segments like "Champagning and Campaigning" with Jalen Rose and "The Clairvoyent Bill". Rose and Simmons agree and disagree about various things regarding the Celtics. Bill thinks that the Celtics will ship Rondo before the All-Star break and he will only play 30 games or less.