Sunday, November 3, 2013

Russell Westbrook Back?

The star point guard for the OKC Thunder who tore up his knee last year in the playoffs and wasn't supposed to be back for another two weeks is apparently in TONIGHT'S lineup versus the Phoenix Suns. He has reportedly passed all of his rehab benchmarks and is all set to go. He continues the trend that Adrian Peterson set of recovering from devastating knee injuries abnormally quickly. How are they doing it? Did Westbrook make a quick trip to Germany?

I'm sure Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City's face of the franchise, is happy to get Westbrook back. Although everyone at ESPN bashes Russell Westbrook for his shot selection, Russell is a valuable part of the Thunder's offense. Without him, KD has had to shoulder the load offensively, scoring 27.5 points per game through the first five regular season games. But it's obvious that he and his team miss Russell Westbrooks explosive offense, tenacious defense, and all-around amazing athleticism, for OKC has just 2 wins on the season. In their three losses, the Thunder have put up 81, 95, and 102 points on the board.