Monday, November 4, 2013

NBA Power Rankings: The Boston Celtics

The Celtics have started off their season 0-3, and their performances have been anything but inspiring. They have proved nothing to any fans who were cynical of them in the beginning of the season. Somehow, they have proved even less to the big shots in sports media...

ESPN: #30

Not surprisingly, the worldwide leader in sports ranked the Celtics dead last on their weekly power ranking.

CBS Sports: #30

Although CBS has the Celtics 30 just like ESPN, I really enjoyed this power ranking better. It was easier on the eyes and the blurb about every team was just plain better. My compliments go to NBA writer, Matt Moore who put the rankings together. For the comments on the Celtics, Moore wrote, "Remember, they don't rebuild. They reload." Even though Boston got the last spot on CBS' power rankings, they achieved the #1 spot on the power tanking list. #tankforwiggins

Yahoo Sports: #30

Yet another hater. But maybe rightfully so.

NBA.COM: #30

Maybe everyone is overlooking Boston. They can't get any worse, maybe Brad Stevens will start winning some games. Maybe Gerald Wallace will actually help the team. Nah. Who am I kidding?

Sports Illustrated: #30

I'm just about done with this. It's getting really frustrated. I'm used to rooting for good teams. Boston fans have honestly been so lucky. We are so spoiled.


WE'RE NOT LAST!!!! LETS GO!!! This was actually my favorite ranking. Not only because the Celtics weren't dead last, but also because the overall post was cleaner than all the others. The analysis for all 30 teams was solid and two teams were awarded "biggest rise" and "biggest fall" in the ranks.

So it will only get better for the Celtics. They play the Cavaliers tonight and hopefully they will achieve their first victory of the season versus Uncle Drew and company. Brad Stevens hasn't been very impressive so far compared to my high expectations, but hopefully he realizes he's not coaching college anymore and he starts stringing together some W's.