Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Case Against T-MAC, C-WEBB, and VINCE

There's been a lot of talk around the basketball world about whether or not Chris Webber, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady should be inducted to the NBA Hall of Fame this year or ever. What do you think? I say no to all of them, and I have my opinion and statistics to prove it.

If you're a basketball fan from the 90's and early 2000's, you're probably screaming your head out at the computer screen. I know, I know, they were awesome to watch. Honestly, who hasn't seen Tracy McGrady go all Reggie Miller and score 13 points in 30 seconds.

But those three players being amazing to watch is actually one of the reasons they shouldn't be in the HOF. They were fun to watch because they chucked up a ton of shots and you saw them on Sports Center the next day for posterizing someone or making a ridiculous shot. All three of the players would have been eaten alive by the media if they played today in this day and age with advanced stats like PER. Vince Carter and T-Mac are literally the equivalent of Rudy Gay 2.0. In my opinion, Rudy Gay is a below average small forward who is so inefficient, it makes his team worse. Chris Webber is basically Blake Griffin with a better jump shot and no post game. To make a long story short, Chris Webber, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady are glorified, over-hyped gunners.

To decide statistically which players should be inducted, I made a system in which p;layers are given points judged by their career accomplishments and stats. To be in the HOF, you must have at least a 25.0 score. The formula is: Playoff PPG+Playoff RPG+3(Rings)+Playoff Games Played+5(MVP)+ALL NBA TEAMS+ALL-STAR APPEARANCES/NUMBER OF TEAMS PLAYED ON. Obviously, this formula isn't perfect, but I think it's pretty damn good. The "All NBA Teams" stats included 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams. The playoff games played is a good function because obviously the more games your team wins, the more you play; so guys who haven't won a ring still have a chance to get in because of their playoff success and maybe they just played better teams. Here are some players' HOF score.

Chris Webber: 23.48

Vince Carter: 19.9

Tracy McGrady: 13.13

Larry Bird: 238.1

Michael Jordan: 137.4

The reason that Larry Bird is a better overall hall of famer than the greatest player ever is because Larry Legend only played on one team, when MJ had his stint with Washington at the end of his career. So for the three gunners that are on the bubble, C-Webb is the closest to Springfield statistically. Remember, the magic number to get in with my formula is 25, and Webber got 23. T-Mac scored the lowest with a 12.314. Carter, McGrady, and Webber all got traded when they were young and when they were in their primes, which is a terrible sign. I say that as I watch a re-run of the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals of the Celtics vs Cavs series. That series has superstars like Lebron and Pierce who have both been on just two teams for their whole career. Pierce wanted to be a Celtic his whole life, but he was traded to Brooklyn in this off-season.

Chris Webber's career was altered forever when he was in college at Michigan, when he famously called a timeout that his team didn't have to end the Fab Five era.

Vince Carter's Slam Dunk Contest heroics will help his case on his journey to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, but they didn't help his HOF score.

Vince Carter won't make it because he quit on his teams and he was only on two All NBA Teams. Also, Vince unforgettably quit on his team when he was in his prime. Although T-Mac had ultimate success in the regular season with the Houston Rockets, winning 22 games with Yao Ming, but he won't make it because he played on 7 NBA teams (Not to mention 1 in China). Chris Webber has the best chance out of all of them, for he played in many more playoff games than Vince and Tracy. Also, the reason why Webber wasn't on more All Star teams is because his career overlapped with the superior Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. Overall, I doubt that Chris Webber will make the Hall of Fame this year, and Vince and T-Mac, might not ever.