Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome Back NBA

Finally the NBA is back! The 2013-2014 season tips off tonight at 7:00 with the Magic and the Pacers. Then at 8:00, the defending champions Heat will take on the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose back and better than ever. The epic "Bill and Jalen NBA Preview" series ended today with Bill's number one team as the Bulls. He picked them to win the title and overthrow King James' throne. Along with the over-looming Miami three-peat led by the King and a possible 5th MVP award in 6 years for Lebron, I'm looking forward to many other things in the season....

Zach Lowe's Columns

In my opinion, Zach Lowe is the basketball writing guru. He writes articles on Bill Simmons' blog and has appeared on many "B.S Reports". His writing is awesome and he has unbelievable basketball knowledge. Read his stuff at Grantland.com.

The Returns

Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, and Rajon Rondo are coming off of devastating injuries from last year.

The T-Wolves

Rubio and Love. Awesome.

New Faces in New Places

Most notably Dwight Howard going from the Lakers to the Rockets to join Jeremy Lin and James Harden. Also, Josh Smith going to Detroit to complete the most menacing front court in the NBA of Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, and Smith. How will they mesh? Also, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans joining Eric Gordon on the NEW ORLEANS PELICANS!!!!!! How will they mesh? Also, the scary Brooklyn Nets with my boys Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They're all of the sudden potential contenders in the East.

The 2013 Rookie Class

My favorites are C.J McCollum, Victor Oladipo, and Tim Hardaway J.R. Look for Oladipo to steal the R.O.Y because Anthony Bennett and Ben McLemore will probably not be as good as expected and Nerlens Noel is injured.

The Celtics

It's likely that my team won't win a lot of games, they probably won't get to 40. But they're still my team and there's always a chance for something special to happen in the Boston Garden. It's possible that Rondo takes a leap in his game and he becomes a 18 points 12 assists superstar, but that's very unlikely. Danny Ainge will be exploring the league all season for possible trade options and try to get young assets and draft picks. Good Luck Celtics, you'll need it.

Some honorable mentions include Uncle Drew in Cleveland, Monta Ellis playing in Dallas, Boogie Cousins, and Seattle trying to get a team again.