Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who is the Best Quarterback in the NFL?

This post was written before week three of the 2013 NFL season

Nowadays, there has been a ton of talk about what your team's QB should look like--Russell Wilson or Tom Brady? Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning? The NFL, which has progressively become a passing-dominated league, had 11 Quarterbacks throw for over 4,000 yards in 2012, an unthinkable statistic. How do you measure a QB's value to a team, because now some passers get it done with their legs too. Statistically, you could make the argument that Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Robert Griffin III was the best Quarterback in the NFL last year. Judging by QBR, a pretty good football saber metric, Peyton Manning was the best with Tom Brady and Matt Ryan at 2nd and 3rd. MATT RYAN?????

I bet you can't guess the players by their stats from 2012.

PLAYER A: Pass Yards: 5,177 Touchdowns: 43 Interceptions: 19 Rush Yards: 5
PLAYER B: Pass Yards: 1,814 Touchdowns: 10 INTs: 3 Rush Yards: 415
PLAYER C: Pass Yards: 3,118 Touchdowns: 26 INTs: 10 Rush Yards: 489
PLAYER D: Pass Yards: 4,295 Touchdowns: 39 INTs: 8 Rush Yards: 259

PLAYER A: Drew Brees
PLAYER B: Colin Kaepernick
PLAYER C: Russell Wilson
PLAYER D: Aaron Rodgers

Obviously in 2012, Aaron Rodgers (Player D) was the best QB in the National Football League, but I believe, in the year 2013, it's very difficult to judge the NFL's passers. I think, putting myself in the mind of Team X's defensive coordinator, I think Colin Kaepernick is the hardest to prepare for, therefore, he's the best in the league. The 49ers offense at its best is a beautiful piece of art. Kaepernick, the best QB in the NFL, can beat you with his strong, accurate arm or his legs. The Niners can burn you with a hurry-up style offense, a West Coast-Run N' Gun, or a Read-Option. If I'm the opposing defense preparing to go into San Francisco, I'm not excited to play on Sunday. Plus, the 49ers have a legitimate running threat at the Running Back position in Frank Gore, and I have been impressed with James Starks of Green Bay, but I think he might be a one-game wonder.

Through the first two games in 2013, the obvious Rodgers and Kaepernick are on top with Peyton Manning right there with them. Also, the Eagles new offense with Chip Kelly has revitalized Michael Vick's performance so far. But, I think Vick will burn out in the later part of the season because of the ultimate "Saturday on Sunday" offense in which the Eagles will most likely run over 100 plays in a game. A notable drop-off at the Quarterback position is the ever so great Tom Brady, who has literally NO receivers to pass to with Gronk, Amendola, Brandon Lloyd, Wes Welker, and Aaron Hernandez not on the team for varying reasons. THE PATRIOTS RECEIVERS HAVE DROPPED 43 PASSES THROUGH 2 GAMES! So when Gronk and Amendola are healthy and Julian Edelman isn't the number one option for Brady, Tom's numbers will probably return to his normal standards.

Overall, through two weeks of football, I truly believe that Colin Kaepernick is the best QB in the NFL, and will be for the rest of the 2013. Colin will lead his team to Super Bowl in New York and who knows what will happen when they're freezing their asses off trying to compete for the championship.