Monday, February 10, 2014

Potential Celtics Trades (Special Edition: NBA Trade Deadline)

The NBA Trade Deadline is February 20 at 3:00 p.m ET. Many teams, including the Celtics, will be frantically trying to shop for players, expiring contracts, and draft picks. In this post, I will be using ESPN's NBA Trade Machine to predict possible trades involving teams who will be trying to improve their team at the deadline. For more Potential Celtics Trades, click here, here, and here. Without further adieu....

The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly been "aggressively shopping" for Jeff Green, and Carroll would be involved. The Celtics would also receive multiple picks in this upcoming and future drafts. 

It says that this trade fails because the Heat would then be over the luxury tax, but Miami has already expressed that they don't really care about that tax. This trade rumor has been all over the Internet for a number of reasons. Humphries has been great and Haslem, not so much. I don't see how this trade works and I don't like it in any way, shape, or form. I just don't understand it. I suppose if the Heat included a few future picks, it might be interesting. I only included it in this post because it's a legitimate rumor that the Heat have been publicly interested in.
Dear Danny Ainge, Don't do this trade. 

This trade makes a lot more sense than the previous one for both teams. The Celtics receive Ben Gordon, a solid scorer. But more importantly, they get his expiring contract. Also, the Bobcats would have to include a future second round draft pick in this deal, which could benefit the Celtics immensely. The Bobcats would want to do this trade because it would supply them with a legitimate front court option in Brandon Bass. Also, it would help the Cats with their softness; Bass is a physical player who would compliment the finesse-heavy Bobcats. Michael Jordan desperately wants to get into the playoffs and end his reputation as a terrible GM, so he would be quick to pull the trigger on a trade that helps his team now. 

This deal only works if the along with Shawn Marion, the Celtics receive the Maverick's 2014 second round pick. This trade is similar to the Bobcats trade, in which Boston gets an established, solid player who has an expiring contract. This trade really sets the Celtics up for the future and it helps the Mavericks right now. The Mavericks want to get into the playoffs because they feel like the end of Dirk's career is near the end so they want to pay their respect to him by being a good team in his final year. Jeff Green would help Dallas do that. 

Avery Bradley may leave at the end of this season (I really hope not), so adding O.J. Mayo would solidify the shooting guard spot for a few years, even though he's not playing very well in Milwaukee. Mayo is only 26 years old, so he should be entering his physical prime. He still has a lot of upside, but at the same time he has experience which would help the young Celtics. 

Unlike the shooting guard position, the Boston Celtics have an excess of power forwards with Bass, Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, and Kris Humphries. The value of O.J. Mayo is most similar to that of Brandon Bass, so this trade makes sense. A straight up Bass for Mayo could be beneficial to both teams in this specific case. 

I wish this trade could work, but it probably wouldn't. It's a blockbuster deal including both team's best players. Faried is still on his rookie contract, so he's a steal and would probably not leave Denver. The Manimal would be an excellent addition to the Celtics even if Boston gave up Rajon Rondo. I'm usually not a fan of trading The Captain, but this one would be amazing for the Celtics. 

In this trade, the Celtics would send their two 2014 first round picks to Denver. That would make this lopsided trade a little more beneficial for Denver, who would be officially blowing it up and tanking. I don't think they would do that because they are in tenth place in the Western Conference. This is a crazy trade that could change the future of both franchises, but especially the Boston Celtics.

Another exciting, blockbuster deal, which kind of-but not really- makes sense. The only reason why this could work is that Minnesota suddenly decides that they know Love is definitely leaving in a few years and they believe that Wallace, Bass, and a whole bunch of picks are the most they can get for the star. 

The details of this trade would include two 2014 first round picks and a 2015 first round pick. The Celtics would do this in a heartbeat and without a doubt would drastically improve immediately. 

The Warriors don't use Barnes to the best of his ability and they really need some help defensively. This trade works for them because they improve defensively and they give up someone they don't really need. The Celtics would love this trade because they would get a young player with a lot of potential. But they would also probably have to surrender a future draft pick

Quite a few trades are pretty much just fiction with a 1% chance of possibility. These trades are all either just fun, rumors, or speculation. A lot of these trades were brought to my attention from requests through Facebook. Send in your trade ideas to or connect through Facebook and Twitter.