Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life as a Celtics Fan: California

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    Warriors, Kings, Lakers, Clippers, Trail Blazers.
    These are all the teams you could root for if you want to stay loyal to your West Coast home.
    It's different for me. I never liked any of those teams since I started watching basketball during the 2009-2010 season. 
    I didn't have a favorite team back then when I first started watching the sport. When the 2010 NBA Finals began, featuring the Celtics and Lakers, I wasn't really rooting for any team. All the people I knew here in California were rooting for the West Coast, Lakers. 
    We all know how the 2010 Finals turned out. 
    The Lakers took the Celtics to 7 games. The Celtics were leading in Game 7 through 3 quarters but few through in the 4th. What really turned me into a Celtics fan was Game 2. In Game 2, I was impressed with how Boston fought back after losing the first game. I was also impressed with Ray Allen, who made eight 3 pointers in the game. He later went on to become my favorite player (and still is now). Now here we are. I have stuck with the Celtics through the hard times and good times. I am confident Danny Ainge will put us in good shape moving forward to win Banner 18.
    Here in California, it is really hard to be a Celtics fan. I only know about 5 other Celtics fans here in the West Coast. Most people are either Lakers or Warriors Fans. When I try to talk to my Warriors friends about the Celtics they just respond by saying, "Celtics Suck" or "Rondo can't shoot". I simply respond with "17 is greater than 0" or "How many times has Curry won the assist title?" 
    If you live on the West Coast(or any other part of the world), tell us how you became a Celtics Fan, or if you have had any other memorable experiences with fans from another team!