Sunday, January 19, 2014

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t…

According to a recent report from NBC Sports, General Managers around the league have expressed interest in dealing for Rajon Rondo. He's supposedly expected to be traded before the trade deadline or at the 2014 NBA Draft. Will the Celtics trade him?

Yes, Rajon Rondo was made the fifteenth captain of the illustrious Boston Celtics. No, that does not mean that Danny Ainge cannot ship Rondo out of beantown come the NBA trade deadline on February 20th.

Rajon Rondo made his comeback after a torn ACL that kept him out for 7 months against fellow historians, the Los Angeles Lakers, and was better than expected as he produced 8 points on 4-9 shooting while also posting 4 assists, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals in 19 minutes of action at the TD Garden. The effort was in vain as the Lakers won, but encouraging signs were taken out that are going to, once again, make him a target for viable suitors.

With teams such as Atlantic Division rivals, the New York Knicks, in desperate need of an explosive contract and possessing a set of expiring contracts, the Celtics should have no problem finding a trade partner, but the question remains on whether or not the stingy Ainge will budge from his fixated ways.

With many new stars in the faces of Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Andrew Harrison, Tyler Ennis, and Dante Exum rising through the draft ranks, the Celtics are going to have a lot of options to dip their toes into. While Rondo does remain as an all star caliber point guard, Joel Embiid could be the next Dwight Howard, Jabari Parker could be the next Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving is a free agent soon… See what I’m trying to get at?

The Celtics will have surplus options in the very near future, and could be competing for Larry O’Brien Trophy number seventeen by 2015 and one of the big ways of kick starting that pursuit is to deal Rondo.

Rondo is a facilitator, and can put up a solid scoring output, but the fact still remains that there are not only better options for the one in free agency, but also pieces that could expand the Celtics playoff potential, and could be instant impact players featuring in the 2014 draft.