Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rajon Rondo Cleared for Full Contact Practice

Boston Celtics point guard, Rajon Rondo, who has been sidelined for the start of the season with a knee injury, has been cleared for full contact practice after visiting with Dr. James Andrews. According to Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe, Rondo is "one step closer to returning to action".

I am so excited to see Rajon Rondo return to playing again because I believe he can really thrive under coach Brad Stevens. Rondo is a potential superstar in this league and he can swing games with his passing ability and defensive tenacity. But coach Brad Stevens doesn't expect Rondo to make his debut in the month of December.
“He won’t play in games, is what I’ve been told, until after the first of the year,” said Stevens. “And we’re talking in big generalities there. I don’t know what that means. It could be a month from now or six weeks from now. There’s a lot of different variables that have to be cleared for him to be able to play. 
Barring a major setback or extremely speedy recovery, Rondo will most likely return to form in early to mid January. Even though Rondo was cleared for full-contact practice today, we will still not get to witness Rondo's greatness in games until the year 2014.