Saturday, December 28, 2013

Preview: Cavaliers @ Celtics:

At 1:0
0 today, the Andrew Bynum-less Cavaliers will take on the C's in Boston. Andrew Bynum made headlines this morning because he was suspended by the Cleveland organization for "conduct detrimental to the team". This is the same guy who said he didn't like basketball a few years ago. It's been said that Bynum is now being shopped for trades around the league. This can be big for the league because a semi-healthy Bynum can swing a championship team. Destinations that may make sense for the former Laker would be the Clippers, Heat, Thunder, and maybe even the Spurs. It probably wouldn't make sense to send him to Boston because of his lack of character, but if the Celtics got a pick in return and maybe threw away some expiring contract to Cleveland, maybe the Celtics would benefit from an unlikely Bynum trade.

 Another possible destination for Bynum might simply be someplace warm. The man who lacks passion for the game could just hang up the towel and retire. That is quite possible the most likely thing to happen in this current situation. The man has made a ton of money in his short stint in the league, so the 7 footer can retire and live a happy, full life if he isn't stupid like many other NBA players. (see Broke)

 In three games against the Cavs this year Jeff Green has played awesome. He's averaging 25 points on 50% shooting while grabbing 7 boards. This man can't be stopped when he attacks the rim and against the professional basketball team in Cleveland.

Last Thursday against the Atlanta Hawks,  Kyrie Irving, under the alias Uncle Drew, scored a career high 40 points on 17 of 33 shooting and 3 for 8 from three point land. This young point guard is beginning to emerge as a star in this league. I don't think he's a superstar yet though, because he doesn't seem to lead his team to victory on and off the floor. The Cavs haven't made the playoffs with Irving manning the point yet, so he's in the same category as John wall in my opinion. None the less, the Celtics NEED to stop this man if they want to come up with the victory today.

The Cavaliers are distracted with the Bynum situation and they are probably pretty tired from the overtime game with the Hawks. The Celtics are well rested and well prepared.
Predicted Final Score: 
BOS: 97
CLE: 84

See the string of Bill Simmons' tweets for more information about Andrew Bynum: