Monday, December 23, 2013

Looking Ahead

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This year is a year where the Celtics faithful should be looking forward to June. Yes, the NBA draft. Why is that? Why am I completely killing off the hopes of the Boston faithful? I'll tell you why...

2014 is the year where the potential all stars will be made from underrated players such as Eric Bledsoe. 2014 is the year where the Miami Heat are still the big dogs of the NBA and the big three still exists. 2014 is the year where the obvious is the reality.

Distortion - "the action of giving a misleading account or impression." This is exactly what the 2013 - 2014 Boston Celtics are doing as they sit second in the weak Atlantic division possessing a 12-17 record. No, that is nothing special but after losing legends in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to division rivals, the Brooklyn Nets, its better than expected for a fairly inexperienced team. 

Here is a proposition I have to Boston Celtics GM, Danny Ainge - "Dude, you have too many holes on the team to compete with the leagues best, so please do whats best for your city and suck... No, you have the potential to be average, but honestly where's that going to get you? Pick #20? Perry Ellis? Boston doesn't want Perry Ellis manning the four or five post departure of Kevin Garnett. The city wants a player that can do the name of the 17 time world champions proud and trust me, there are a lot of great talents who fit into Brad Stevens system, and will do justice to the Celtics with immediate impacts. So take my advice... SUCK!" 

The Celtics are not going to get the #1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft, that would involve being worse than Milwaukee and last time I checked that feat is not possible. My prediction is anywhere between #8 - #12. That would also mean #38 - #42 in the second round so here is a plan that could almost elevate the Celtics to a new level come next season. 

Pick #8 - #12: 

Yes, I am about to hate on Jeff Green... Trust me, he is one of the biggest inspirations of the NBA but putting that aside, small forward is a position where potential hall of famers in Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony play and en route hall of famer, LeBron James plays. Jeff Green is not at that level and most likely never will. Somewhere in Michigan there is a third generation of Glenn Robinson's waiting for his chance to suit up in the NBA and while Jeff Green may start the season as starter on the Celtics depth chart, he will drop out of favor due to the fact that Glenn Robinson III can do more on offense. Though he is three inches shorter than the imposing Green, Robinson III finds different ways to score whether it be through his adept touch at the rim or his ability to get open and drain his signature corner three at the Crisler Center in front of the Maize and Blue faithful. Another option who could play heavy minutes, but may not start is the combo forward out of Syracuse in Jerami Grant. Grant gets most of his points from post play making his play style more of one of a four, but due to the fact that Jared Sullinger has the ability to space the floor with his solid mid range shot, and developing three point shot, these two prospects would essentially switch roles on offense causing for mismatches for the opposing defense. Either way, both players will be required to put in heavy minutes from day one. 

Pick #38 - #42

This pick should be used to solve the Celtics log jam at the five. Both Vitor Faverani and Kelly Olynyk are solid role players, but nothing more. Another prospect that could come to the rescue for Boston is another Michigan alumni in Mitch McGary. Playing through a back injury, McGary is clearly not at full form but is essentially averaging a double double with his 9.5 ppg, and 8.3 rpg averages this season. He could easily become a guy that could consistently put up 15 and 10 night in and night out because of his ability to use his big body and create space in the paint. He is a player that could play a Tyson Chandler role for the Celtics and due to his injury, he might just become the steal of the draft if he were to land in Boston's hands.