Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Is he hot or what???" -Tommy Heinsohn

That just happened.....

Avery Bradley IS HOTTTT, just like legendary Boston Celtics commentator, coach, and player, Tommy Heinsohn acknowledged in the broadcast.

In the past three games (not including Tuesday's game against the Bucks [video]), Avery Bradley has been shooting out of his mind from outside, especially during the Cavaliers game. In those past three games, Bradley has made 20-39, or 51% which is way above his career average of 44% (stats courtesy of ESPN).

In the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Avery Bradley scored 21 points on 9-11 shooting. I was at the game and it just felt like AB hadn't missed all night because he kept draining long two's, the most inefficient shot in the game. In that game, he shot 3-4 from three-point range and didn't make it to the line. This game in the Boston Garden was definitely Bradley's best offensive performance of his career.

Judging by his shot chart, in which Bradley buried shots from just inside the arc, I can tell that Agent Zero is comfortable with taking a step in from downtown when at the top of the key. He is also well-qualified to take/make the corner three ball from both sides.

Avery's 94 foot defense will always be consistent, but his jumper definitely won't. He has worked hard to improve the J, but it is still very streaky. But now, when he gets on a hot streak, he can actually score and provide legitimate offense to a team that definitely lacks in that category.

The Boston Celtics this year are 25th overall in the NBA with 93 points per game. Their defense, led by AB is what has been keeping the rebuilding Celtics in games. The D is 7th in the league, allowing just 96.6 points per game. If Avery Bradley can continue his hot streak and help the Celtics score some points, Boston may be able to actually win some games...