Saturday, November 23, 2013

To Dump Or Not to Dump?

The Boston Celtics are in a situation where rebuilding is the only thing that should be on their mind. Having a solid roster with tradable pieces, is a blessing in disguise for Boston, but who exactly should they keep hold of or dump off to another team? Lets break it down for Jordan Crawford, Gerald Wallace, Avery Bradley, and Rajon Rondo.

Jordan Crawford - Don't Dump

Jordan Crawford is the type of players most elite teams hope to have coming off of their benches. He is a pure shooter, but due to injuries this season, he has been asked to do much more than shoot for the Celtics and the transition has been seamless. He is averaging 12.1 ppg, 4.4 apg, and 2.9 rpg with a PER of 18.84. He has been one of the few standouts for the Celtics and he is one of the players that is sure to make an impact even when everyone becomes healthy. Trading him away would mean trading away a future sixth man of the year, and much like J.R. Smith to the Knicks, Jordan Crawford should be considered indispensable to the Celtics.

Gerald Wallace - Dump (if possible)... 

Well this one is an obvious one, after a disastrous 2012 - 2013 campaign, Wallace is back at it again this time in Celtic green. He is being paid over $10 million to do close to nothing and should be one of the first Celtics to be traded this season, but with that massive contract hovering over him, it would be extremely hard to find an ideal suitor. Getting into the twilight part of his career, Wallace is losing speed and his defense is not what it used to be. Unless the Celtics pay off some of his contract in a trade, there aren't any plausible trade partners that will want Wallace in the foreseeable future.

Avery Bradley - Dump 

Avery Bradley is one of the best defenders in the NBA, he is a solid shooter, but he is not anything special offensively. He should be regarded as a role player and nothing more. Playing at the two, he is manning one of the deepest positions in the NBA with many superstars to grace the modern generation of the game having spent a bulk of time manning the two guard, Bradley should not be expected to start on a contending team. But that does not mean he would not be able to contribute. He is young, and he is cheap. If the Celtics can manage to get another prospect along with some picks in return from the services of Avery Bradley then they should go all out of and look for potential trade suitors, because once the Celtics get good, the coaching staff will struggle to find the right role for Bradley.

Rajon Rondo - Dump 

Do you know how many teams would kill to have a point guard like Rondo? Probably most of the association... Rajon Rondo's trade value is high and with all the attention currently surrounding him, Danny Ainge, may be forced into a trade to get rid of his superstar guard, though that might not be as bad as the Celtics think. Rajon Rondo is a superstar in this league, he is a triple double machine and the Celtics could easily forward their rebuilding process by a year or two if they get some picks and prospects in a trade similar to the one that got Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks where Boston would play the role of Denver and the suitor would play the role of New York. Getting rid of Rondo now, while he is worth more than he could be if he were to have an unsuccessful comeback, could be one of the smartest decisions the Knicks could make.