Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Pickup Team>>>MJ's Pickup Team

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Today, the G.O.A.T Michael Jordan announced what his 'unbeatable' pickup basketball team would be. On his team, he selected Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Scottie Pippen, and James Worthy. I definitely don't believe that this is the best possible team of basketball players in different eras you could team up, but Jordan has a soft spot in his heart for James Worthy and Scottie Pippen. Pippen helped MJ win 6 NBA titles and Worthy played with Michael in college and they won a NCAA Championship together. No doubt, this team's chemistry would be off the charts. Jordan's pickup team would look like this:

PG: Magic
SF: Pippen
PF: Worthy
C: Olajuwon.

I disagree that this is the best possible team of NBA players ever assembled. My 'Avengers' of basketball players would look VERY different from him, and that's why Michael Jordan is a terrible NBA general manager. He's blinded by his past and he plays favorites too much. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss this on their show, First Take.

Although Skip and Stephen disagree as usual, I will side with Stephen A. on this one. I agree that Scottie Pippen is definitely a top 50 player, but I don't think he belongs on this team. James Worthy also doesn't deserve to be even an honorable mention on this list! Here is the best team that could ever be assembled as of today EVER:

PG: Magic Johnson
SG: Michael Jordan
SF: Lebron James
PF: Larry Bird
C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Yes, I have Lebron on my list, and yes, Larry Bird is my small-ball 4. I knew I had to carry both the King and the Legend on my team, but I wasn't sure which one to put at the small forward or power forward position. Lebron has probably played more 4 in his career than Bird and he is probably more physically right for the job. But Bird is taller and a much better post player than Lebron. This team is unstoppable because of the intense defense of Lebron and MJ and the overall creativeness on offense. Magic, Bird, and Lebron are arguably the most creative offensive weapons to ever play basketball. They are all great scorers with a pass-first mentality. My team has unstoppable scorers in MJ and Kareem, but besides Kareem, it's an extremely small squad.

The only team that could possibly disrupt this would be Stockton, Kobe, Oscar Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Shaq. That team would have a chance because against my team because of the competitiveness of Kobe and the HUGE frontcourt of Shaq and The Dream. But that team would lose because it's chemistry is terrible and Kobe and Olajuwon could be taken out by MJ and Lebron.

Along with announcing his dream pickup team, Michael Jordan also announced what his most memorable dunk was; the slam in the Eastern Conference Finals over Patrick Ewing.
"I dunked it on him so hard it was unbelievable. Every time I see him, that's the first thing I remind him of."
MJ also thinks about his dunk in 1997 when he soared over Dikembe Mutombo and wagged his finger at the big man; Mutombo's signature move.

Sidenote: MJ's greatest jam was actually neither of those two, but the best dunk of all time....

With the greatest dunk of all time, comes an amazing story to go with it. Yahoo did an amazing thing this week in making a mockumentary of the "Space Jame Game". While making fun of ESPN's 30 for 30 Series, Yahoo created an awesome, funny story about MJ's semi-animated movie.