Saturday, November 9, 2013

Celtics Stun the Heat

I'm just so pumped up and hyper right now to describe the game and recap it in words. Oh. My. God. That just happened. Boston won the one game that I actually cared about this season and doing so, they strung together a three-game winning streak. Somehow, they look half-decent. The players are buying into Stevens, their hustling on both ends of the court, and their scrapping for points. On their road trip they just kept finding ways to win. Here's how they won the game tonight #beattheheat

As much credit as Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, and Brad Stevens should get, the Celtics only had the opportunity to win the game because Dwayne Wade made a bonehead mistake by intentionally missing his second free throw so badly, it was a violation. That gave the Celtics a glimmer of life and they took that glimmer, and made it into a W in 0.6 Celtics.

Just like this whole season, coach Brad Stevens kept his cool the entire game. His facial expression did not change at all, and he spoke quietly to his team during huddles. I liked how he strategically mapped his timeouts during the course of the game to draw up plays and give his players rest. I believe that was a big part of the game, for the Celtics outscored the Heat in transition 15-5 with their fresh legs.

The game-winning buzzer beater was definitely Jeff Green's most important shot in his career, and maybe he is developing a Paul Pierce like clutch factor. He totally rose to the occasion tonight. Hopefully the shot sparked something mentally for the sometimes-passive Jeff Green. When he's aggressive and he attacks the rim like he did tonight, he's one of the league's best offensive players, but he only decides to take it to the rack on occasion for some odd reason.

His mentality may have actually changed after all, for in the press conference following the game, he commented on the clutch shot. "It was drawn up for a 2, but I told Gerald I wanted to go for the 3 to win it."

The final score was 111-110. Go green!!!!