Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goodbye "The Office"

Based on the British comedy, "The Office" debuted in 2005 as an unknown sitcom on NBC with no-name actors and low-profile writers. Four Emmy awards and eight years later, it's just the opposite. Even after Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott departed the show two seasons ago, the cast of actors is still filled with stars that have appeared in movies and other TV shows since 2005. Most notably, Ed Helms, aka Andy Bernard, who has appeared in numerous movies including both "Hangover" and "Hangover Part II". But how did this show become so famous in between the years of 2005 and 2013? The writers.

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak, who have also acted in the show as employers in the local Scranton, NJ office, wrote the hit sitcom for 7 seasons each. Mindy Kaling, who now has her own book and TV show, "The Mindy Project" was especially comical in acting and writing.  Why do I bring up the writers exactly? Because I commend them incredibly because after the boss, Michael Scott left for his love in Colorado, there have been no interesting storylines to run with. They single-handedly kept the mockumentary alive through the years. Yet, the show has still been pretty entertaining. Even if the show is still funny, it's about half as good as when it was two years ago when Steve Carell was the lead actor. This revolutionary show should have ended two years ago when he left; it would have been the perfect ending to a perfect comedy show.

But it ends tonight. Two mediocre seasons after it should have. Even though these two previous seasons have been disappointing, this series finale is probably going to great. If you stopped watching when Michael left, you haven't really missed much:

  • Jim and Pam have been feuding about their relationship and Jim's job in Philadelphia. But they are happy now

  • Dwight is finally at the helm of the office after Andy quit. Dwight is now set to marry Angela who has a baby. Dwight is the father.

  • Andy quit his job as the boss to go sing at an Acapella singing contest similar to "American Idol". He was terrible.

  • The final documentary that has been "The Office" was airing on PBS at the end of the last episode.

So after eight seasons, "The Office" is up there in the ranks of all-time NBC sitcoms with "Seinfeld", "Cheers", and "Friends"... It possibly may even be the best. What will you remember most about "The Office"? I will remember the incredible main characters that were developed over the years like Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Andy. But maybe even more, I will remember the amazingly hilarious background characters like Stanley, Creed, Kevin, Angela, Phyllis, Oscar, Toby, and Darryl. They are like the role players that every great basketball team seems to have. That's really what distinguished "The Office" from other shows; no other sitcom will ever replicate the amount of quality characters and role players that were created in "Office".

After tonight, NBC plans to replace "The Office" with a show called, "Sean Saves the World" which from what I have heard, sounds pretty awful; that's such a shame.

So even if we forget all of the character's names, where the office was, who was dating who, or even the writers who kept the show alive in times of need, we will never, ever (even in 40 years) that the light-hearted comedy always made us smile and laugh at the television when the opening theme jingle comes on.