Friday, April 5, 2013

Parquet Post 4-5-13

After an exciting win over the Pistons, in which I almost predicted the correct score, the Celtics will take on a much tougher opponent tonight, by playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although the Cavs don't look so good record wise or on paper, I believe they can hang with the best teams of the league because they can fall back on one of the top 7 players in the league right now in my opinion. And probably, when Lebron retires, he will be second to Kevin Durant.


Kyrie Irving's electrifying play and mind boggling dribble moves.

Jeff Green attacking the basket and the way he swoops to the hoop with one hand palming the ball

Alonzo Gee, who has historically toasted the Celtics- 11 PPG which is a lot for him

Shavlik Randolph, the new big guy for the Celtics who continues to impress.


The Celtics will win this game convincingly because they are playing to stay out of 8th place in the East (currently in 7th) which would potentially avoid having to play the Heat until possibly the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs are playing for nothing. They aren't making the playoffs this year and they really just don't have any motivation going into this game.